How to Become a Member

There are four ways to unite with us and become a part of our church family.

  1. By Profession of Faith at Water Baptism
    Accepting Christ as your personal savior.
  2. By Letter
    If you are a member of another Baptist Church, tell the pastor your desire to move your membership.
  3. By Statement
    If you have been saved, experienced baptism by immersion, tell the pastor of your desire to move your membership.
  4. From another Denomination
    Share your desire with the pastor who will explain to you whether you will be presented for membership by baptism or statement.

When do I present myself for membership?

At the close of every service, while the music is playing, the pastor stands at the front of the Worship Center. Walk to him at this time and share your your decision to to present yourself for membership with First Baptist Church.