iBlast Children’s Ministry

iBlast (I be last) is an exciting opportunity for kids grade PK – 6th to learn about Jesus, and have fun doing it! During iBlast, children to play games, make crafts sing songs, learn Bible verses, and much more! They also get the chance to earn tickets each week and spend them at out iBlast store. Children look forward to coming each week and spending time with their friends and our fun family nights.

Upcoming Events

January 10: Welcome Back!
You Are Blessed – Key Scriptures: Matt. 5:1-12 – Jesus teaches us what it truly means to be blessed and how we should live as the blessed ones.

January 17: Wacky Hair Night
You Are Salt and Light – Key Scriptures: Matt. 5:13-16 – As believers, we’re called to be salt and light, living a life that honors God and points others to Him.

January 24: Winter Wonderland
Pray Persistently – Key Scriptures: Matt. 7:7-11 – Jesus urges us to pray with faith and confidence, knowing that God hears and answers our prayers.

January 31: P J Night
Don’t Worry – Key Scriptures: Matt. 6:25-34 – Jesus teaches us to trust in God’s provision, setting aside our
worries and focusing on God’s goodness.

February 7: Family Night
Bring the whole family to our Valentines Party!

February 14: Red & Pink Wars
Love Your Enemies – Key Scriptures: Matt. 5:43-48 – Jesus encourages us to love our enemies and treat all people kindly, showing us His revolutionary love.

February 21: Movie Night
Enjoy a fun movie and popcorn candies. Check back soon to find out what movie we’ll be watching!

February 28: Fortress Battle
Solid as a Rock – Key Scriptures: Matt. 7:24-29 – Jesus invites us to a life of faith built on truth, assuring us that a life in Him will not be shaken.

March 6: Slime Night
“The Way Maker Calms the Storm” – Bible Story: Mark 4:35-41 – Jesus Calms the Storm – Jesus, the Way
Maker, has power over nature and can bring peace in the midst of our storms.

March 13: Board Game Night
“The Way Maker Feeds the Five Thousand” – Bible Story: John 6:1-14 – Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand – Jesus, the Way Maker, can miraculously provide for our needs

March 20: No iBlast during Spring Break

March 27: Mystery Night

April 3: Retro Night
“The Way Maker Heals the Blind Man” – Bible Story: John 9:1-12 – Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind – Jesus,
the Way Maker, brings healing and helps us see His love more clearly.

April 10: Using Your Talents for Jesus
In everything we do we should bring glory to Jesus

April 17: Talent Show
Bring the whole family as we hold our talent show!

April 24: Silly Olympics
“The Way Maker in the Fiery Furnace” – Bible Story: Daniel 3:1-30 – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace – Jesus, the Way Maker, is always with us, even amid our trials, just as He was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace.

May 1: Service Project
“The Way Maker Raises Lazarus from the Dead” – Bible Story: John 11:1-44 – The Raising of Lazarus – Jesus, the Way Maker, has power over life and death, showing His ultimate love for us.

May 8: Freckle Night
Hide God’s word in your heart so you may not sin against Him

May 15: Closing Night
Awards, 6th Grade Graduation, and Worship

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